Sql update command for updating date along with timestamp

How can i achive this in pl/Sql I have teh code using merge function.. The sql statements are below CREATE TABLE CUSTOMER_TYPE ( type_code VARCHAR2(10), [Code]....Asp Alliance Register Edit My Profile Author List Write for Us About Asp Alliance Contact Us Privacy Policy Link To Us Advertise Subscribe Free Newsletter Newsletter Archive RSS Syndication . NET 2.0 Examples ASP Tutorials Learn ASPLearn VBScript Learn JScript Learn SQLLearn XMLSoftware Resources Shopping Cart Ecommerce Charts and Dashboards Other Resources Learn Java Learn Oracle Opinion / Editorial Crystal Reports Alliance WPF Resources AJAX Resources Silverlight Resources Free Tools Cache Manager Simple CMSReviews Book Reviews Product Reviews Expert Advice Books ASP.

Both datetime and interval data types consist of fields.

For some reason, I can't recall the number of the department but I know its manager has the last name Haas, which is written entirely in uppercase in the database.

I also know that the MGRNO column in the Department table contains the employee number of the employee who manages the department.

If you want to store date and time information in Oracle, you really only have two different options for the column's datatype.

Lets take a quick look at these two datatypes and what they offer.


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